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Photosketches from “Botov – Koyandy fair of the XIX century”

There was a festival in honor of the International Museum Day and also the 80th anniversary of the regional museum of local history and ethnography which gathered museum workers of Karaganda. The museum area had a recreated analog of Koyandy fair which existed in the XIX century. The founder of fair was Yalutorov’s merchand Varnava Botov. That’s why the fair was called as Botov – Koyandy and/ or Koyandy, according to the district name where it was. Fabrics, tea, spices, carpets, souvenirs and ornaments were on sale at this fair. Furthermore, Koyandy fair had the most ancient exhibits of those years which were saved in the funds of museums. The national liberation movement is connected with Karkaraly and Koyandy fair. The first document of the movement “Karkaraly Petition” was made and signed at Koyandy fair in 1905. Akhmet Baityrsynov, Alikhan Bokeihanov and others were the authors of the petition. 14500 people signed this petition. Alikhan Bukeyhanov, the leader of “Alash” party was actually born in Karkaraly. Akhmet Baityrsynov also lived and worked in Karkaraly from 1907 to 1909. Adoption of the Karkaraly petition proclaimed the equality of ideas, independence and self – determination of Kazakh nation. The petition gave a powerful spur in the development of constitutional ideas and was the main legal document of future party Alash. The petition proclaimed the equality of nations, inviolability of private property of Kazakh lands and preservation of a national language. Today, it is known that descendants of Varnava Botov whose name is included in historical chronicle of our land live in our region.




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