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The historical and local lore museum of Temirtau


The holl of independence

Historical and local lore museum of Temirtau town was formed on 10th of February 1972 y.  Total territory – 1200 sq m including expositional area – 960 sq m

 The museum has 9 halls:

  • • Hall of Paleontology;
  • • Hall “Nature of local place”;
  • • Hall “Archeology”;
  • • Hall “History of the Temirtau town”;
  • • Hall “History of the town in 50 – 60yy”;
  • • Hall of memory;
  • • Hall of numismatics;
  • • Hall of Kazakhstan nations’ unity


The museum has exhibition hall that is single in the town. Visitors can see pictures, sculptures, photos, productions of national and children’s activity. Besides, excursions lead with interesting stories and also visitors can communicate with authors of exhibits. Exhibitions change every month.

Presentational block:

  • “Fund collections of the Temirtau town”, “witnesses of time” (collection of clocks), personal exhibition of I. E. Satayev “Pigmalion”
  • Exhibition of jeweler decorations of S. Taskin “Legends of the virgin steppe”;
  • Exhibition dedicated to 110 years of jubilee of K. Satpayev;
  • Personal exhibition of N. Shpilova “Imagination patterns”;
  • Exhibition of artists;
  • To 36 anniversary of the museum, “the 36 best exhibits of the museum”


 предметы культамонетысабли начало ХХв.


A hall of numismatics is added with new museum exhibits and modern technologies.

Scientific – research work and collective actions:

Scientific – research work according to a plan:

  1. Memories of war veterans were collected;
  2. Names of Temirtau soldiers who took part in the Afghanistan war
  3. Materials were collected on the theme “Life and disposition of the migrants”
  • - migrant Germans;
  • - migrants;
  • - repressed nations in the history of Temirtau town

The catalogue of coins and currencies from the funds of museum. Special exposition dedicated to the RK president “Temirtau is a town of the first president of Kazakhstan”;

  • - catalogue of the town pictures;
  • - booklets to different themes;


 витрина  преметы быта

Тақырыптық көрмелер

Scientific – expositional and exhibition work.

There was opened an exposition dedicated to the World War II and re-exposition of the numismatic hall, rare collection of coins and bones. The big interest is taken by the exposition about saving money.
There was established new exposition of children “Everybody let’s go to museum” to the international museum’s day.

Museum pedagogic and marketing.

Opening of photo exhibition “Melody of beauty”, works of photo club “Melting”, exhibition of decorative and applied art of A. Smailova, personal exhibition of artist unions of RK A. I. Osipenko “My 80 years”, exchangeable exhibition with the regional museum to 80 years of jubilee of artist Shamshina, round table “I’ll glorify my town”.

The museum has an acting club “Creative personality” that united artists of the town to exchange with information, making of common and personal exhibitions.
The museum helped in opening of other museums in theatres and aids to KarSU students in the collection of information and materials about “The history of the Samarkand settlement”.

Publication activities:

During the year there were published 6 articles in town newspapers:

  • - An article dedicated to activity of the member of United artists of RK A. I. Osipenko;
  • - “Temirtau is a theatrical town”. Evening newspaper 03.04.08 y.
  • - “25 years to the Turmagambet Street”. Evening newspaper 02.06.08 y.
  • - “Famous personality and its influence to society” scientific conference

Published booklets:

  • - “Creative people of Temirtau”;
  • - Chronology of Chernobyl tragedy;


Karaganda region,
Temirtau town, Metallurg Street, 28/4
Tel/Fax. 8 7213 93 19 05

Head of the museum – Skorikova Natalia Dmitrievna



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