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Shetsky archaeological and ethnographic museum


Шетский музей Shetsky archaeological and ethnographic museum named after Shortanbai Zhyrau was opened in 1988 to 70 years anniversary of Shet district. The museum was a branch of the Zhezkazgan museum of history and local lore from 1989 till 1997 yy.

In 1993 while celebrating the 175 years of Anniversary of the famous zhyrau Shortanbai Kanaiuly and the museum got his name and since that time it was called the Shet historical – ethnographical museum named after Shortanbai Zhyrau. Nowadays from 2006 the name of the museum was changed like archeological – ethnographical museum.
The total territory of the museum is 246 square meters, exposition – 183 square meters.

Collections and rarities

Шетский музей Шетский музей Шетский музей Шетский музей

Information for visitors.

The schedule of work: 9.00 – 18.00
Weekdays: Sunday and Monday.
Price of tickets – 10 tg.
Services for customers:

  • review excursion, thematic excursion;
  • Demonstration of movies, photos and videos; 
  • acquaintance with separate exclusive exhibits of the museum.

Discount: pensioners, war veterans, children of orphan schools, children and adults with limited ability – free


Karaganda region, Shet district, village Aksu -Aiuly
Shortanbai zhyrau street, 141/b
Tel.: 8 71031 22 2 74, fax: 8 71031 22 2 74

Head of the museum – Suiundykov Zarubai



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