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The museum of political repression victims’ memory of the Dolinka settlement



The museum was formed on 24th of February 2001 y by the order of the Karaganda region mayor and the head of Shahtinsk settlement by the commission of the president N. Nasarbayev.

Total territory – 166, 9 sq km

 Thematic structure of expositions:

  • “KarLag is a zone of eternal memory”;
  • “Nation deportation in 30 – 50s of the XX c”

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Presentational block:

  • “Women prisoners of KarLag”;
  • “KarLag during the war period”;
  • “Pages from the tragic destinies”;
  • “Nation deportation”;
  • “KarLag library”;
  • “Industry of KarLag”;
  • “KarLag agriculture”

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Unique collections and exhibits:

  • - a bed of a prisoner;
  • - life things of KarLag prisoners;
  • - a diary of a prisoner with the explanation of events of 30 – 60s of the XX c;
  • - documents and photos of prisoners;
  • - Rechen’s picture

картинадневник заключенногофотопатефон

Educational programs and museum pedagogic:


  • - formation and development of KarLag;
  • - activity and everyday life of prisoners;
  • - artists of KarLag

Scientific – research works:

  • National stuff of KarLag prisoners;
  • KarLag during the war period;
  • History of destinies etc.

Mass actions

  • Action “Shame week”;
  • Marathon “By the ways of memory”;
  • Meeting in the “Mum’s graveyard”

Information for visitors

The schedule of work: 9.00 – 18.00 Weekdays – Sunday.
Prices of tickets:

  • Children – 20 tenge;
  • Students – 30 tenge;
  • Adults – 50 tenge;
  • Review excursion – 300 tenge

Thematic excursions:

  • Pupils (more than 10 pupils)20 tenge for one ticket;
  • Students (more than 10 pupils)30 tenge for one ticket;

Discount tickets for customers: for war veterans, pensioners, poor families, orphan kids, people with limited ability – free entrance.

Services for customers: photos and videos – 500 tenge.


Dolinka settlement, Shkolnaya Street, 15.
Tel/Fax: 8 72156 58222

Head of the museum – Klyshnikova Marina Ivanovna.



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