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Literature and memorial museum of Abai Kunanbayev


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Literature and memorial museum of Abai Kunanbayev was opened in 1979 by the initiative of cultural section of Abai settlement town executive committee. In 1980 the museum met its first visitors.

Museum activity leads by two directions:

  • - live, activity, creative heritage of Abai;
  • - history of Abai place and local lore


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The exposition of the first hall tells about his life, social and political activity, and members of his family, relatives and friends. His portraits, pictures of his native land take place in this hall. The interesting exhibit kiyz ui, Kazakh national house was added to the exposition of the hall, including with decorative additions that show his life.
The exposition of the second hall tells about the creative heritage of the famous poet, composer and conceivable person. The exposition begins from his literature activity and further collection of his poems in different languages and etc. The hall ends with his musical talent, where recording plates of different years are represented in the exposition.

The exposition of the third hall is dedicated to art, theatre and literature that all together can be found in his talent. There are two gypsum sculptures in this hall, one of them is made of bronze and three portraits, two pictures of him by the book “Road of Abai” and one more picture of his native land, that all were made by the famous artists and sculptures.
Big interest can be taken by the collection of his book in different languages.
The exposition of the forth hall tells about the single town of Kazakhstan that named after his name.

Museum pedagogic and marketing 

Lectures and museum lessons:
— “Not declared war” (to the 20 years anniversary of Afghanistan war);
— “Customs and rituals of Nauryz holliday”;
— “Abai Kunanbayev is a great poet and composer”;
— “Abai about the youth”

Collections and rarities

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Scientific – research work 

Organization of a scientific – research work on the theme “Abai and Yassaui”. Historical information was prepared on the theme “Abai district: yesterday, today and tomorrow”. The big interest is taken by the materials dedicated to the 20 years of Afghanistan war end. A lot of photos of Afghanistan soldiers were given to the fund of the museum.

Information for visitos.

The schedule of work: 9.00 – 18.00
Prices of tickets:

  • Children – 10 tenge;
  • Pupils, students – 20 tenge;
  • Adults – 30 tenge
  • Foreigners – 100 tenge

Additional services: Thematic and review excursion, moving exhibits, lectures, lectures with video materials – by order.


Karaganda region, Abai town, Abai street, 32

Head of the museum – Rakhym Akkaisha



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