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The regional museum of visual arts


Музей ИЗО  The Karaganda regional museum of visual art was opened in September of 1988, firstly like a department in the museum of history and local lore. And only in 1989 it got the status of the regional museum of visual art.

All the funds of the museum are classified by the following sections:

  • - painting of Karaganda;
  • - painting of Kazakhstan;
  • - painting of CIS;
  • - graphic arts of Kazakhstan;
  • - graphic arts of CIS;
  • - exslibres;
  • - decorative – applied art of Kazakhstan;
  • - decorative – applied art of CIS and Far Abroad;
  • - Sculpture of Kazakhstan and Russia.

Expositional and exhibition activity.

To the all last period of time it can be emphasized yet: traditional exhibitions of the Union of Karaganda artists, personal, exhibition contests, thematic, memorial and etc.
For the last several years the museum improved contacts with other museums of Kazakhstan. Every year the employees of the museum have an opportunity to get acquainted with an architectural sphere, with its peculiarity and specific of such museums work: West Kazakhstan museum of art, Temirtau town museum of history and local lore, Petropavlsk’s museum of art, museum of modern art in Astana, Art museum of Russia. “Romania: art and clergy”. Exchange exhibitions between these museums by the result of such friendship demonstrate differences in art and culture of other regions of Kazakhstan and Far Abroad.

Музей ИЗО Музей ИЗО Музей ИЗО

Collections and rarities

Big interest is taken by the collection “Forgotten names”, that tells about soviet artists lived in Karaganda city in 30 – 50s in the time when the base of culture was being established. These are works of painters from Moscow C. Ivasheva – Mussatova, pupil of the classic artist N. Mashkova, painter and pedagogic P. Phrizen, artist Eiphert, famous artist by watercolor and book graphic L. Gamburger, master of lyric landscaper L. Usaites and R. Grabbe.

Музей ИЗО Музей ИЗО Музей ИЗО Музей ИЗО


In the collection of decorative – applied work there are 173 museum exhibits made in different period of time. A lot of national decorative – applied art works are represented in this collection. The pearl of this collection is a national nomad’s tend kiyz ui with its inner decoration. In this museum are also kept works of decorative – applied art of Kazakhstan artists: T. Rolian, M. Kalkabayev, N. Bolukh and etc. bright and inimitable works of Russian and Ukrainian artists continuing traditional art of their nation. Abroad art is represented by German and France china of XIX c, and also Korean wood things.

In the sculpture section there are 74 things of art. All the exhibits are relate to the second part of the XX C. The sculpture of Karaganda is widely represented by the famous masters, honored worker of art of KazUSR – N. Gummel and A. Bilyk; in this sphere: A. Coi,:.Kalieva, L. Iandrinceva, L. Smagluk and works of political repressed artist N. Rybeckova. Sculptures of the famous Russian master B. Mussat relate to Karaganda period of his work. Bright and different collection of Russian sculptor P. Shapiro, A. Petrov, Z. Ozov, L. Apressian, I. Arefiev, L. Bugai, K. Gevorkian, G. Dodonov, I. Kotov, T. Koronnaia and etc., Kazakhstan’s work of sculpture are represented by works of O. Rakhmanova.

Музей ИЗО Музей ИЗО Музей ИЗО Музей ИЗО

Museum pedagogic and marketing.

Museum celebrations and lectures for pupils.
Carried out circles of speaking – vernisages.

  • “Karaganda – yesterday and today”
  • “Repressed artists”
  • “Palette of names”
  • “Seasons of a year”
  • “Enter to the world of art”
  • “Museum at schools”

There were carried out “the centre of creative intelligence speaking” combined with a group of art heritage N. Rerikh “The laboratory of the dream”.

There were carried out games for children.

  • - lotto “Kaleidoscope of an art”;
  • - domino “Nauryz holiday”.

Lectures for the KarSU students: 

  1. The history of the museum work. Creation of the regional museum of visual art in Karaganda”;
  2. “Scientific – fund work”;
  3.  “Attribution of museum exhibits”;
  4.  “Semantics of national house”;
  5.  “Guns of Kazakhs. National clothes”
  6.  “Cosmogonical notion of Kazakhs in visual art”;
  7.  “Museum exhibit”;
  8.  “Scientific – methodical work in museum”;
  9.  “Museum pedagogic”;
  10.  “ Visual art of Kazakhstan in the fund of the museum”;
  11.  “Repressed artists in the museum exhibits”;
  12.  “Russia museums”

Scientific – research works and publications

It contains itself: collection of information of every thing of art and its processing. The great job can be done in this direction. There should be written scientific characteristics of exhibit on special card. Employees should regularly check protection of a thing; learn its history and legend of work. All scientific characteristic should be written in the two languages – state Kazakh and Russian. Collection of information about the activity of an artist must be continued. By the result of such work there was started TV project in 2006 y.

Celebration and Actions

Every museum has numerous problems that are related to the upbringing of its future viewer. That is why the section of museum marketing continues its work with schools and other educational places. Lections and celebrations:

  • “There are all alive on love”, “Karaganda – last and today”, “To the 65 anniversary of the Stalingrad war”, “Cosmos in the visual art”, “Appearance and formation of arming force of RK”, honored to the Victory day.
  • “Two names and two fate”, “Creative work of Sakhi Romanov”, “The image of a woman in the visual art ”, “The great 5”, “The golden fund of the Karaganda museum”, “Save your children, Mother Earth!”, “The history on the faces” and etc.

Interactive games and celebrations are being held in the museum honored to international, republican and local holidays.

Information about museum attendance.

The schedule of the work: 9.00 – 18.00 without weekends

Prices of tickets:

  • Adult – 70 tg,
  • For students – 70 tg,
  • Kids – 40 tg,
  • For foreigners – 200 tg

Reduced prices: pensioners, children of orphan schools, children and adults with limited ability.

Services for customers:

1. Exhibition and lectures

  • - on stationary;
  • - on moving

2. Moving thematical exhibitions

3. Exhibition of lectures, seminars with the help of computers and video techniques.

4. Review excursion (separately from the price of the ticket);

5. Thematical excursion (separately from the price of the ticket);

6. Consultation of scientific workers:

  • - expositional and exhibitional;
  • - by materials of scientific not published fund of the museum

7. Usage of a museum library

8. Design and editing of expositions by order of organization

9. Consultations, marketing and assistance of organization in advertisement by order of organization

10. Photography

  • - in the halls of the museum
  • - in the funds of the museum
  • - published
  • - unpublished

11. Preparation of annotations and articles in printed form by order of organization;

12. Preparation and design of exhibitional booklets by order of organization;

13. Consultation on design of exhibitional booklets by order of organization;

14. Hiring out of videocassettes and CD – disks by art



Karaganda c.
Bukhar Zhyrau avenue 76
Tel. 479185
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Head of the museum – Abiltayev Zhomart Zhakupovich



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