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Zhezkazgan historical and archeological museum with exhibit hall


Здание музея Zhezkazgan historical and archeological museum with exhibit hall was opened on 10th of May 1978 by the decree of KazUSR Union of Ministries on the base of the historical – industrial museum of the Zhezkazgan’s metallurgic mining complex. The total area is 413,2 square meters, it represents nature and history Ulytau and Zhezkazgan districts, including ancient and modern history.

The museum has 4 halls:

  • “Nature of the native land”
  • “History is a treasure of our activity”
  • Painting – exhibition hall
  • Conference hall

The hall “Nature of the native land” is dedicated to paleontology, nature, archeology and ethnography.  In the hall “History is a treasure of our activity”:

  • “History of Kazakh Khans”
  • “Adjustment of territory in XIX – the beginning of XXc”
  • “StepLag: history and destinies”
  • “The war way: 1941 – 1945 y.”
  • “The history of the city”
  • “Sons of the great Steppe”

In the structure of the museum there are 5 sections: section of history and archeology, expositional section, excursion and mass section, section of fund and painting – exhibitional section.

The main purpose of the museum is to learn history and culture of Ulytau and Zhezkazgan districts. The museum archeology and group of archeological expedition of the institute named after A. Margulan make scientific researches in the area of ancient metallurgists of Bronze Epoch in the place of Taldysai and barrow of Aibas – Darasy in Ulytau district and also take part in researching of sak’s barrows of Shirik Rabat in the Kyzyl Orda Region.  The results of workers are published in collections of scientific works, republican and local newspapers as well.


  • “Honored citizens of Zhezkazgan town”
  • “Scholars of the Central Kazakhstan”
  • “Panoramic exposition “Ulytau is the cradle of Kazakh history”
  • “A. Margulan is a scholar – archeologist, researcher of ancient history of Ulytau and Zhezkazgan districts”
  • “StepLag: history and destinies”
  • “The war way: 1941 – 1945 y.”
  • “The history of the city”
  • “Adjustment of territory in XIX – the beginning of XXc”
  • “K. I. Satpayev is a scolar, geologist, founder of Zhezkazgan’s copper mines”
  • (reexposition, dedicated to 110 years jubilee of his birth)
  • “Useful minerals of Ulytau and Zhezkazgan districts”
  • “Kazakh national costumes”
  • “KazakhMyss: ways of development”



Artistic exhibition hall of the museum is known for its gallery, works of local artists that are rare exhibits of the museum fund, master productions of artistic trade and thematic exhibitions and expositions of the museum of nowadays as well. The meeting with famous people of Kazakhstan, conferences, seminars, presentations, round tables, political debates and other celebrations of international, republican and just local meaning are held in the conference hall of data museum.

— “Acceleration. Break. Modernization”, “Horizon — 2009”
— “They had Afghanistan in their life”
Thematic excursion:
“Town of my destiny”
“Fair world of my childhood”
“War talks to us through the years”
“Red mill of great terror”
“Saint spring with poplars” (moving excursion to Terekti Aulie and to the saint and historical places of Saryarka).

Collections and rarities

Replenishment of funds on the result of exhibition by the project “Acceleration. Break. Modernization” and media project “Leave your name in the history”
— Catalogues of fund collection.
There are more than 29000 exhibits in the fund of the museum. 5000 of them relate to rare and unique fund that represent special museum and historical value and also famous people of Ulytau and Zhezkazgan districts.
The big interest of visitors is taken by paleontology findings: a bone of a giant rhinoceros (40 – 35 millions years ago), a tooth of a shark (50 – 32 millions years ago), prints of plants and fish (395 – 340 millions years ago).
Stone sculptures given by academician A. Margulan, copper coins from the barrow Zhoshy Orda, collection of golden decorations from the Karaaagash barrow of the Zhanarka district and also jeweler ornaments: decorations for hair, bracelets, buttons, belts, horse silver equipments – they are all in the golden fund of the museum.

 Museum pedagogic and marketing 

The special school circle “The school of guides” are organized for only museum employees that lasts 2 years and special certificates after its graduating. Native artists, famous people, honored cultural workers, culturologists, psychologists, models, for example native artist of RK D. Zhanbotayev, honored cultural worker Z. Chumakova and others teach museum workers in this school.

Reports by local history:

  • - “National liberation movements under the leadership of Amangeldi Imanov”;
  • - “Local industry development”;
  • - “White spots” history. StepLag;
  • - “Zhezkazgan people in the period of the World War II”;
  • - “Scholars og the districts”;
  • - “Paleontologic findings of the districts”;
  • - “Applied art of the Kazakh nation”;
  • - “Ulytau is a cradle of the Kazakh nation”;
  • - “Museum actions for children” (games, contests)

Games for children and pupils: “Travel to the nature world”, “in the cave of the Stone age”, interactive excursions “Fair world of Saryarka”.

- Moving actions for children and students.

Excursions by the town, historical and cultural places. Also excursions to historical and architectural places like mausoleum of Alashakhan, Zhoshykhan, Dombaul, Terekti – Aulie.
-circles, sections and etc.

Museum has a club of creative intelligence, also circles for pupils: “Master of applied art”, “Young archeologist” and “Young Excursion”.

Scientific teaching aid of 2008 y.
Lections and excursions for pupils and students:

  • - “History of Kazakh government”;
  • - “National liberation movements under the leadership of K. Kassymov”;
  • - “White spots” history. StepLag”;
  • - “Local industry development”;
  • - “With the roads of the War”;
  • - “Paleontologic findings of the districts”;
  • - “Applied art of the Kazakh nation”;
  • - “History of the stone sculptures”;
  • - “Scholar – researchers of Ulytau district”.

Жезказган Жезказган

 Scientific – research works and publications

Museum employees made scientific researchers by the sources of museum funds.

  • - Extended sittings of scientific workers of the museum were dedicated to the discussion of concepts of a new exposition that shows the history of the Great World War.
  • - Museum employees made excursions about the historical places like: mausoleum of Zhoshykhan, Dombaul, and saint place of Terekti – Aulie.
  • - Museum took place in archeological researchers in the complex of Aibas – Darasy with the purpose of makinf plan for 5 years.
  • Scientific works by the following themes:
  • - Basic directions for investigation of local history by the republican program “Cultural heritage”;
  • - Paleontology of the Ulytau district;
  • - Nature of Zhezkazgan district;
  • - Protected flora and fauna of Zhezkazgan district;
  • - History of the town;
  • - Museum employees G. Kabulova, Zh.Beisbekova took part in the II International contest “Open Asia – Open museum” with a media project “Ancient place Saryarka”;
  • - Museum employees K. Zhukhanova, and K. Makishev took part in the courses of raise of qualification which was in the city of Karaganda and took part special certifications;
  • - The museum made a media project “Leave your name in the history” that was published in the booklet “The Zhezkazgan historical – archeological museum” and “Archeology. Ethnography. Memory”

Information for visitors

The schedule of work: 9.00 – 18.00 Weekdays – Sunday;
Prices of tickets:

  • Children – 40 tenge;
  • Students – 60 tenge;
  • Adults – 80 tenge

Discount tickets for customers: for war veterans, pensioners, poor families – free entrance.
Services for customers: review and thematic excursions, demonstration of films, photos and videos, wedding rituals for newly married couples, access to rare library and documents.
Museum store with souvenir pictures, printed productions and etc.: booklets, books, VIP – cards.


Zhezkazgan town, Alashakhan Avenue, 22.
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: 73 – 72 – 04, 73 – 77 – 53;

Head of the museum – Chumakova Zinaida Supianovna.



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