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Zhanaarka Museum of history and local lore named after S.Seifullin


Жана-Арка In 1960 there was began collection of exhibits by the initiative of D. Iztileuova. The museum was officially opened in 1984 y.
The aim of the museum: learning of local lore history, also ritual and mental culture.


An exhibition is by the sources of the RK president N. A. Nazarbayev’s message to his people “the main purpose of the state policy is to increase wellbeing of Kazakhstan nation”.

  • To 110 years annivesary of Zh.Saduakassov;
  • KarLag: history and destinies.

Жана-Арка Жана-Арка Жана-Арка Жана-Арка

Жана-Арка Жана-Арка Жана-Арка Жана-Арка

Museum pedagogic and marketing:

Lectures dedicated to the 20 years of withdrawal of Soviet soldiers from Afghanistan.

  • “Astana I sure to its future”;
  • “Astana is a golden cradle of the country”.

Scientific-research works and issues

In the course of scientific – research and collective works the following exhibits were given to the fund of the museum: felt coverlets, veil with the picture of S. Seifullin and Abylai Khan, a cap of a pilgrim “Ikhram”, books: T. Kakishev “Merei 1 – 2”, “Magzhan and Saken”, U. Makyshuly “Zhanaarka”, historical chronicles, full collection of 12 documents of war veteran Dankayev Makanbai, complex of the sportsmen D. Bokenov.

Holidays and actions

On 24th of April 2009 y there was a meeting dedicated to 23 years from the moment of the Chernobyl AES accident. Veterans of the Chernobyl AES told to pupils about their difficulties that they overcame. Pupils of schools sang a patriotic song and then all participants of the action visited the museum.

Lectures were held about T. Aubakirov and T. Mussabayev dedicated to the cosmic day in the school of № 132.  Actions and exhibitions to the 10 years of jubilee of Nur Otan party were held in the museum.

There was organized a corner dedicated to 90 years of jubilee of I. Zharylgapov and also a conference was held to pupils of schools of the district. A lot of meetings and actions were spent n the museum dedicated to 63 years of anniversary of the War Victory, day of children and to children with limited abilities. (By the program Art – therapy “Museum and invalids”)


Karaganda region, Atassu settlement, S. Seifullin street, 13
Tel: 8 (71030) 2 85 43

Head of the museum: Amanov Zamzam Miashevich 



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