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Museum of Balkhash town of history and local lore


Date of formation: 1 of September 1970
Open for customers: from 25th of September 1973
Total area: 1443,3 square meters

Most interesting expositions

Exposition “Kazakh national musical instrument” is added with the copies of different musical instruments that increased the informational base.
Flora and fauna of Balkhash town is represented in the hall of “Animal and growing world of local place”.
The big interest is taken by the hall of archeology, prints of stone pictures, stone sculptures and etc.
Besides, there was open a new complex of the famous artist – restaurateur Krym Altynbekov.


Presentational block. Dedicated exhibitions to the 70 years anniversary of Balkhash copper complex:

  • • “Labour reservoir of metallurgists”
  • • “Copper of Balkhash is a wealth of the country”

Retrospective block. To anniversaries of famous people:

  • Academician A. Mussin (100 years anniversary of his birth);
  • • First builder V. I. Yazev;
  • • “The way to cosmos”. Exhibition of medals, post marks and postcards;
  • • “The town of metallurgists”. Exhibition to the birthday of Balkhash town;
  • • “Life and activity of A. KH.Margulan, dedicated to 105 years of jubilee of his birth”
  • • “Balkhash is a town of friendship and equality.” To the day of equality of Kazakhstan nation”

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Exhibitions of local lore:

  • • “North Balkhash: animal and growing planet”
  • • Personal complex of U. Popov

This is more than 10 copybooks of scientific works, essay, letters and books. The big interest is taken by his documents by the following themes: “Flora and fauna of the Central Kazakhstan”, travel to the lake of Balkhash, about rivers flowing down by the Central Kazakhstan and etc.
Interesting information about the writers M. Prishvin, Markov, L. Martynev, scientist – mathematician A. ERmekov, composer Tattimbet, poet Narmanbet, letters and speech with academician O. Zhautykov. Exact by his works we learned that he is a first Kazakh who took the Candidate degree of physic and math. Interesting information about the life and activity of Zaaatayevich collectioner of Kazakh songs, virtuous M. Erzhanov, artist and poet Shashubai.

Fund collection:

утюг начало ХХв.стремена началло ХХв.

пулемет начало ХХ в.

 раритеты войны

The Olympic champion V. Zhirov gave his medals to this museum.

Museum pedagogic and marketing.


  • • “Kazakhstan in the Middle age”;
  • • “Kazakhstan in the system of international relations”;
  • • “Bektauata”;

Local lore readings:

  • • “Engineer – researcher Antonovski ”;
  • “Academician A. Mussin”;
  • • “First builder V. I. Yazev” and etc.

Scientific – research works and publications

  • • “Ethno cultural situation of the North Balkhash in Ancient, Middle age and Nowadays”;
  • • “Kazakhstan in the colony of Russian Empire: social and economical development of XVIII – XX cc.”;
  • • “Demographical situation in the town of Balkhash in its historical development”;
  • • “Demographical situation in the town of Balkhash in the beginning of its construction (1929 – 1940)”;
  • • “1941 – 1945 yy.: changing of demographical situation in the town of Balkhash”.

Holidays and actions

On April 2009 the museum combined with a town administrator section of culture and development of languages lead an action “Protect our memory and monuments” dedicated to 64 years anniversary of Victory 1941 — 1945. In the course of action there were organized several actions like restorations of monuments.


Karaganda region, Balkhash town
SH.Ualikhanov street, 12
Tel: 6 59 70, 6 59 30

Head of the museum: A. Seilkhanova



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