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The archeological-ethnographical museum of Aktogai district


The archeological – ethnographical museum of Aktogai district was formed in 1986 year, but before till 1999 year it was a branch of the Zhezkazgan museum of history and local lore. The museum became self — dependent only on 7th of May 1991 by the order № 91 of Minister Cabinet of KazUSR.

The total territory of the museum is 265 square meters, exposition – 223 square meters, fund – 42 square meters. The building of the museum has a fence, within the fence there are models of barrows with moustaches (main barrow and from the both sides there are two bow – shaped barrows that look like moustaches) and stone statues – balbals.  Turkic – kipshak period of the Medieval.
Peculiarity: Local lore


юртаплуг начало ХХ в.экспозиция по краеведению


The most interesting expositions of the museum:

  • “The three great leaders of the Alash”;
  • “Aktogai is a land of songs and kuys”
  • “Inner decoration of the national Kazakh house Kiyz uy”
  • “The Begazin’s culture”;
  • “Peace work chronical”.


Presentational block:

Attendance of the state leaders dedicated to the 80 years anniversary of Aktogai district, exhibition “Famous people of a local land”.

Moving exhibition by program:

  • “Knowledge of Aktogai land”
  • “Achievements of the district in different periods of time”

Retrospective block:

  • Exhibition “Ismaganbetova Zauresh Mukhamedzhanova in the reception of the RK president”
  • Exhibition about Tarabayeva Gulbakhram Imanbekovna, doctor of medical science, the single among the ladies of the district.
  • Popularization of activity of local artist Sakhi Romanov

Museum pedagogic and marketing.

Essays about the local history: reservoir Tokyrauyn, materials about Shashubai, Saryterek, Tasaral.
• Museum celebrations for children (games, contests)
• Moving arrangements for children and students
• Lectures, excursions, circles for pupils and students

Collections and Rarities

монета с арабской вязьюсабля начало ХХ в.пистолет начало ХХ в.

 подсвечник начало ХХв.

  • Blacksmith furnace (beginning of XX c)
  • National currency of RK – tenge
  • Metall caps “Sharaaiak” (end of IXX c)

Scientific – research work and scientific publications:

Scientific publications in newspapers “Tokyrauyn tynysy” an article of a head of the museum T. Beissekova: “Museum is place of history” to 10 years strategy “Kazakhstan – 2030”.
To 80 years anniversary of Aktogai district an article about the district museum and its head T. Beissekova in “Ortalyk Kazakhstan” newspaper.

археологические раскопки 1археологические раскопки 2археологические раскопки 3

 археологические раскопки 4

Arrangements and actions.

To the international day of museum: exhibition on 18th of May “Museum is a place of history”.

Information for visitors

The schedule of work: 9.00 – 18.00
Prices of tickets:

  • Adult – 35 tg,
  • For students – 25 tg,
  • Pupils – 20 tg,
  • Kids – 15 tg

Services for customers:

  • • review excursion – 200 tg;
  • • thematic excursion – 250 tg;
  • • Services for customers: review and thematic excursion;
  • • Demonstration of movies, photos and videos, access to the library of rare books and documents, acquaintance with separate exclusive exhibits of the museum;

Reduced price: pensioners, war veterans, children of orphan schools, children and adults with limited ability – 50% discount.


Karaganda region, Aktogai district,
Zh. Akpayev street, 1
Tel. 8 71037 2 20 76

Head of the museum – Mukhanov Tungyshbai Omirtayevich



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